Steel Lawn Edging Installation | How to Install, Self Install

How to install your Legacy Steel Lawn Edging

Mark out the line you require - using a string line or spray marker.

About half of the vertical face needs to be underground , this will vary with the flow of the ground but is a good guide. Dig a trench to this depth, a narrow trench is all you require so approx 10cm wide. If you are installing the Legacy Garden Edging next to lawn, ensure that you have faced back the lawn - describing the line you require.

Start the installation of your metal lawn edging from a corner. The Legacy Edging system includes preformed corner pieces , please specify if you need a 90 degree right angle or a 270 degree right angle - remember that this measurement is from the face of the edging (so the corner of a raised bed would need a 270 degree rightangle)  It is best to work from the most prominent corner first. Attach 2-3 length together using the locking pins provided - you will note that this hold the lengths together firmly whilst still allowing the 'whole' length to bend as one - add a corner piece.

Site the first corner piece vertically in the trough when happy that the line is correct, drive the pins into the ground until flush with the collars, keep attaching lengths until you arrive at the next preset corner piece. This last length will require accurate trimming using an angle grinder or hacksaw to allow it to butt up to the next corner piece - every corner piece comes with a joining plate as standard. The joining plate clamps the cut length to the next corner piece. Joining pieces are only required for completing corners.

Our traditional steel edging comes in convenient 2m lengths , it is solid steel and depending on size of order can be delivered by

  • Palletline  20-100m.
  • Orders over 100m can come in lengths of 6m and will be delivered by Lorry.

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Supply and Installation of Legacy Steel Edging

In addition to supplying on a self fit basis we are able to offer full installation of your Traditional Steel Lawn Edging, our teams of skilled craftsmen have years of experience in the erection of Traditional Steel Lawn Edging and work throughout the UK. We quote on a job by job basis and can quote to prime and paint your edging if required. Larger installations will be quoted after a site visit. The site visit is crucial to establish the lay of the land and the soil conditions and ensure you get the very best steel edging for your property. Our team are all friendly and professional and work closely with our clients to make sure that the work is carried to the highest levels .

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