Architectural Garden Ironwork

Architectural Garden Ironwork

Traditional Lawn Edging also supplies Architectural Garden Metalwork. The Traditional Company manufacturers in Rutland the UK, we are proud to be a British company and are passionate about what we do. We believe deeply in our architectural heritage and enjoy playing our part in maintaining this heritage. We manufacture Architectural Garden Metalwork such as:

Steel Rose Arches

Rose arches are quintessentially British and quickly give shape to new and old gardens alike, they can be an important feature in creating rooms within a garden and can form green screens. Rose arches allow you to train roses and other shrubs in a structured manner. Rambling roses train well and grow quickly to form an impressive structure. We are able to match existing rose arches that you may already have.

Metal Tree Guards

Steel Tree guards protect young trees in their early stages of growth from stock and rabbits allowing the young trees to grow away strongly, they allow excellent airflow allowing the proper hardening off of trees going into the winter months - once again they create immediate impact and structure to any garden or wider landscape - without having to wait many years for the trees to mature.  Our metal tree guards protect the trees from damage by Livestock, Horses, Deer, Rabbits and Hares and can be supplied to weather naturally or come painted.

Metal Pleaching Posts

Pleached trees form a wonderful screen, the trees (often fruit trees like pear or apple trees) are trained along a trellis forming neat parallel horizontal lines, this process is known as Espalier. Our pleaching posts allow trees to be trained into a flat vertical two-dimensional form, these are ideal for decorative purposes and can be used where space is limited. Often these structures are against a wall or can be used to partition different areas within a garden. this process can reduce the amount of green growth whilst increasing the fruit production. Vineyards have used this method for training vines for hundreds if not thousands of years, Our structures are all bespoke and are made to suit specific tree varieties. Horizontal lines of high tensile wire are threaded through the posts, creating a solid structure. Once again the steel can be left to rust naturally or painted to suit.


Our bespoke single span footbridges can be made in a variety of designs. With spans of up to 10 metres wide they can be engineered to take quad bikes / gators if required. Our footbridges create an elegant feature within the garden that draws your eye to new areas of interest. For extra security we can incorporate gates and traditional estate fencing into the design if required.

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