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The Traditional Company Manufacture, Supply and Install Traditional Steel Lawn and Driveway Edging throughout the UK. Our Legacy Edging creates a crisp, clean edge to your lawn or driveway allowing the grass to be mown up to and over the steel edge resulting in a virtually zero maintenance solution. Traditional Steel Lawn and Driveway edging provides a super strong durable edging that will last for many decades. Our solid steel lawn and driveway edging costs from £10.50 per metre.

Our range of Legacy Steel Edging is a great favourite of Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers who fully understand the benefits of this form of edging. It suits every application being both incredibly strong and flexible. This type of traditional steel edging creates an aesthetic and practical solution to an old problem. Legacy steel edging can be used in all soil types from heavy clay solis through to light sandy soils. It flows with contours and can sweep around bends. Legacy Steel Lawn Edging is supplied in kit form in handy 2 metre lengths for self installation. Traditional Legacy Edging can also be fitted by our team of specialist craftsman if required.

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  • Legacy Lawn Edging in Berkshire
    Legacy Lawn Edging in Berkshire Garden path edges erode overtime. Mowers, pedestrians, vehicles all squash the edge of the path - the face is often then re shaped using an edging spade and material (soil) is removed from the path edge.  This is inevitable unless the pathway has some form of edging material - this can be in a variety of materials. Wood is often the first choice - being both cheap and flexible. Invariably we are asked to remove existing wooden edging that has reached the end of its natural life (around 5 yrs) and replace with our Legacy Steel Lawn Edging. Legacy edging is made from solid mild steel and will last a…
    Written on Thursday, 15 November 2018 09:05 Read 139 times
  • Legacy Edging around Tennis Courts
    Legacy Edging around Tennis Courts Tennis courts often have a french drain around the outside to handle any water run off. Invariably this is edged (almost as an afterthought) in wooden edging. The weather works its wonders and a few years later the new tennis court has lost its sharpness - the wooden edging has split and now the gravel can regularly be heard clattering through the lawn mower at the weekend. Legacy Steel Edging forms a substantial steel edge around your tennis court - the 150mm high , 5mm thick product holds back the drainage stone and maintains the symmetry. Solid Steel Legacy Edging will last for decades and is allowed to weather naturally.
    Written on Sunday, 30 September 2018 07:33 Read 102 times
  • Legacy Steel Edging for formal gardens in East Sussex
    Legacy Steel Edging for formal gardens in East Sussex Overtime garden pathways become overgrown and loose their definition. Legacy Steel Lawn Edging forms an excellent , long lasting edge between lawns and pathways. This 5mm thick steel lawn edging is 150mm high and will stand 3-5cm proud of the pathway once the final path dressings have been applied. This solid steel garden edging will last for decades and reduces ongoing maintenance allowing Lawn Mowers to 'mow over' the edging eliminating the need for the laborious manual edging of lawns.
    Written on Monday, 16 July 2018 14:28 Read 302 times
  • Legacy Steel Edging for sweeping driveways
    Legacy Steel Edging for sweeping driveways Traditional Legacy steel Driveway edging is made in England using British Steel. This quality mild steel edging can be installed by our own skilled craftsmen or purchased on a supply only basis. The lengths of steel edging are simple to join together and once installed leave a flat visible edge.    Legacy Steel driveway edging connects in such a way that it can form long elegant sweeps to driveways and pathways, as if one long piece of steel. Many other steel lawn edgings available have lap joints resulting in a broken visible face. The other significant advantage of legacy steel lawn and driveway edging is that it doesn’t introduce another feature.…
    Written on Wednesday, 20 December 2017 13:09 Read 1405 times
  • Corten Steel Amphitheatre
    Corten Steel Amphitheatre A really interesting project this year has been the formation of an Amphitheatre within a garden in Somerset. Working closely with the award winning Landscape and Garden Designer Bunny Guinness we installed 13 curved Corten Steel steps , straddling this large walled garden. With individual rises of 500mmand widths of up to 37m wide, with a central 'staircase' - exacting planning and precision were paramount. The area has now been seeded to grass and a small flock of sheep have been in, tamping down the soil on the terraces. How lovely to return this autumn and find this extraordinary new feature settling in, the corten steel has reached its lovely…
    Written on Thursday, 12 October 2017 14:55 Read 1222 times

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