Friday, 04 July 2014 17:01

Legacy Edging for Driveways

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Traditional lawn edging is a great choice for driveways. Our Legacy Edging comes in a variety of thicknesses with the 5mm version being most suitable for driveways, this creates a very sturdy edge and can tolerate everyday abuse expected from todays couriers. Installing your new steel edging can give you the opportunity to redefine the line of the driveway, so often driveways move and nows your chance to get them straightened out. This will result in a clean crisp edge to your driveway. The picture shows this well, with the driveway now having a more formal appearance, ably finished with a Burghley 4 rail Traditional Estate Fence nicely separating the driveway from the woodland area beyond. A blind of gravel and some grass seed away from being sorted.
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